Tofu Trekkers Run Again

Our Tofu Trekkers united again for a great cause in May at the 10 Annual PMC-Sierra 5K Science Fair Fun Run.

The annual fun run is the largest timed 5K run in BC and all proceeds help support the promotion and development of Science Fair programs for students across the province.

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Along with entering a corporate team made up of our Superior Tofu staff, we did something special this year and sponsored 12 Britannia High School students from Vancouver. We were proud to have these students join our Tofu Trekkers for this worthwhile fundraiser.

How did we do this year? Superior Tofu came in 18th place out of 33 corporate teams, and we moved up substantially from last year’s placing. We would like to believe that our improved running times were due to all that extra pre-training tofu, soymilk and soy desserts we incorporated into our diets.